Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Playin Pokemon White

Yeah, been busy playing the new Pokemon White. As usual, the original formula is still pretty much intact with several minor new features and little changes here and there. And of course, the graphics have improved and are very impressive. Buildings are pretty much fully 3D this time around, and the Pokemon sprites during battle are fully animated (finally).

There's nothing particularly interesting to mention, but just like series like God of War, its better to leave a formula that works. It's still the same Pokemon we've all grown to love, and its still fun. The new handful of Pokemon are interesting, but none of the new designs are particularly good. In fact, they've gotten a bit strange and unimaginative, especially compared to the older generations.

Finally, I thought I'd add: the girl character is waay cooler than the boy character. Normally it was just a given to choose the male, but this new "Hilda" design is definitely more appealing. I've actually chosen her for my first playthrough. Its interesting because a lot of other gamers and reviewers have had similar opinions about the player characters. But yeah, that's pretty much all there is to Pokemon White!


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