Sunday, May 22, 2011

Black Rock Shooter OVA

So, I just watched the Black Rock Shooter OVA that came out awhile ago (I know, I'm always behind). This thing received a ridiculous amount of hype, and that really goes to show how much excitement a sexed up loli can bring out from otaku's. BRS started out as a simple character illustration, followed by a song sung by Hatsune Miku and a music video to tie in. The whole thing became so popular that they turned it into an OVA.

I'll keep this brief. The OVA stars Kuroi Mato, a girl starting her first year of junior high school. She meets a girl named Takanashi Yomi, and they quickly form a friendship that borders lesbian levels (gold for yuri artists). But eventually, Mato starts hanging out with another girl named Yuu, which makes Yomi extremely jealous. Then out of nowhere, Yomi disappears.

Nobody knows where she is, and she does not reply to anything Mato sends her. All along these events, we see short clips of Black Rock Shooter, who appears to be in a different dimension. She finds the Dead Master, who looks suspiciously like Yomi, and they engage in an epic battle. By the end of this battle segment, BRS saves her enemy from falling to death and effectively saves her friend.

If that sounds confusing to's because it is. That is basically how it is presented. The fight between the mysterious BRS and Dead Master characters is never introduced or explained. Cut in between everything are a couple random segments of an unknown character that is presumably connected to Yuu. I guess we are to assume that Mato is connected to BRS, Yomi is connected to Dead Master, and their battle and BRS's eventual saving of Dead Master is supposed to represent their relationship in the real world.

The ending even seems to set up for a sequel, so maybe they'll explain the confusing parts with further episodes. But anyway, everyone seems to be very disappointed with this OVA, mostly due to the short, confusing plot. I honestly don't know what they are complaining about. The hype was hopelessly pointless, and this OVA was basically just made for fans to fap to while the merchandise sells. It does its job in showing the BRS in motion, and that's all that matters.

I mean, the animation and presentation were excellent; the battle sequences were particularly entertaining. The pastel backgrounds in the BRS world were very nicely made as well. Despite being confusing, it works as a stand-alone promotion for the Black Rock Shooter character.


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  1. I saw the ending as the follow up to the fight segments during the OVA, not a sequel, it would make much more sense that way.

    I know this article is old though.


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