Monday, July 09, 2012

AGE-FX: Peak of Lackluster Designs

So I still haven't bothered watching Gundam AGE, mainly because I'm busy with Zeta Gundam (but also because I'm still not interested). BUT, what I have been noticing is pretty much every mobile suit design due to every recent gunpla release being related to AGE. Now, most of these designs didn't bother me. Some of the enemy designs were strange but unique, and the AGE 1 and 2 were alright.

Then, I came across the Gundam AGE-FX:

I'm sorry if anyone likes this, but I've got to be honest: this is one of the most disappointing and unimpressive designs I've ever seen. To the best of my knowledge, the AGE-FX is what you would call the final Gundam. It is the strongest Gundam to come out in the series, and it represents the hero until the end of the series. Usually, the final Gundam ends up being everyone's favorite because of how powerful it is and how appealing its design is compared to everything else. But in this case? It just doesn't work.

Just look how blocky and tacky it looks. And its main colors are baby blue and lime green? Not very intimidating either. If I'm not mistaken, this is the mech designer from Gundam 00. I can tell, because most of the later designs for Gundam 00 were pretty terrible, unimaginative and blocky too. I don't know, I just couldn't get over how disappointing this design was. Am I alone in this?


Monday, July 02, 2012

Dalong's epic Gundam collection

I'm sure almost everybody in the gunpla community knows about Dalong's webite is one of the best sources for plamo reviews and pictures, mostly because he has reviews on EVERY single MG, HGUC, Seed, and 00 model kit that has ever come out. If you want to know about a gundam model, you can be sure that Dalong has it. Mainly, I like this site because of the plethora of pictures he provides for each model.

Though, one thing I have noticed is that he isn't really what you would call a hardcore model maker. I think he merely aims to provide reviews and pictures of each model kit released. I say this because his models definitely don't look that great. Usually, he doesn't paint or top coat any of his models. He does panel line, but this is something I would consider a weakness. His panel lining is excessive, thick, and relatively messy. Honestly, it's too much, and it really doesn't look that great.

 Lines too thick? Messy? Excessive?

What do you think about his technique? Are we meant to simply appreciate that he provides endless reviews? I'm usually guessing that he doesn't really care about how his techniques look. Regardless, I just wanted to say that I love his site. It's completely in Korean (which I can read, thankfully), so many people will not be able to read his reviews. It's really more about the in-depth pictures though.