Monday, December 13, 2010

Wow... I noticed I haven't posted since October, but there's really too much going on for me to blog at all. I have a ton of slack to pick up; I've been neglecting my school grades so hard this semester. I don't know why procrastination and not giving a fuck got the better of me this time around, but its definitely not going well for me. The only positive thing that's happened lately is that I've got a girlfriend, but this has only been contributing to my slacking and falling grades.

Let me just tell you that dating is not the best thing to do when you're trying to pick up your school work, especially if you are in the later years of college. There's plenty of people who can balance such things, but I'm definitely NOT good at it at all. Also, if you're like me, its definitely not a good idea to dorm with a close friend. What's been happening lately is that all of our friends have been piling into our room, so it becomes the hang out spot until late at night. My room is the only place I can study, and I can't have anyone else around me or I get completely distracted. I'm in a really bad place right now, and should consider dorming by myself next semester. Take note of this fellow college students.

So...about this blog. To be brutally honest, this lack of updates will continue on indefinitely. My interest in Gunpla and Gundam is waning, what with the lack of a proper series running (though Gundam Unicorn is amazing), and my lack of money. You really need a lot of money rolling in to maintain a hobby like model making, this shit is EXPENSIVE. And any money I get will go towards my social life and my girlfriend, so any new models are a no-no for now.

The video game scene is still the same as usual, and there are tons of games I can talk about but again, I simply do not have the time to write about them anymore. The semester is almost over, and winter break is here, so this could be a chance for me to start writing bit by bit. So check back regularly