Sunday, May 29, 2011

[PSP] Super Robot Wars Z 2

So I've never really been too big on the Super Robot Wars series, despite its enormous popularity. I guess I've always seen it as too fan-pleasing, since you tend to watch action cutscenes more often than play the actual game. Still, I've never totally given it a chance and I think I can really learn to enjoy it.

Thanks to some fellow blogs that have featured this series recently, I've taken some interest in the latest game: SRW Z 2 for the PSP. It really is all about the graphics and dynamic action sequences when you attack, and this game has some of the smoothest animation I've seen in the series. I also love the super-deformed artwork for the mechs. This game also got my interest because it features Macross Frontier, Gundam Wing, and Gundam 00. I'd love to see the mechs from these shows in action.

Apparently Z 2 is a direct sequel to a PS2 game, and is part of a 2-part release. I don't know anything about the story so whatever on that. I might try this game out soon, though the japanese is sure to give me a hard time. It doesn't really seem to stop anyone though. Any opinions on this series are appreciated!



  1. the exia slashing looks good :D

    this is prp exclusive right?

  2. Yeah, I think the PSP will be the series' mainstay now that the PS2 is gone.


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