Friday, June 17, 2011

Ouch Gamespot...

I thought the new Duke Nukem game was sub-par and disappointing, and initial reviews for it were very lukewarm, but the recent review from Gamespot is...absolutely brutal. I always hold Gamespot in the highest regard when it comes to gaming critique, so I trust their scores first and read them first. But god damn, a 3.5 (the 360 version got a 3)? Harsh, though I guess someone had to say it...the game is just god awful. Gamespot calls it an embarrassment, and has scathing remarks about absolutely everything in the game. It seriously doesn't leave anything out, it just tears the game apart piece by piece.

Just go ahead and see for yourself:



  1. I think it was deserved :P. I can't stand the game itself, so seeing it being bashed kinda makes me happy ha ha.

  2. Lol I mean yeah, it was definitely deserved. Just didn't expect Gamespot to be so scathing I guess, I haven't seen a review like that since the gritty Bomberman re-imagining...or Superman 64.


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