Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Gets Bad Reception...Obviously

If you ever try to look up vaporware on Google, you'll find references to Duke Nukem Forever ALL over the place. This is a game that was announced about 12 years ago, but delay after delay pushed it across two freaking generations of gaming. Fans of the Duke Nukem series have somehow remained loyal and waiting, however, and with the recent release of Duke Nukem Forever, the hype exploded.

Now, me? I have never been a fan of the Duke Nukem series. But from everything I could see, from the previews to the trailers, I just KNEW this new game was not going to live up to expectations. And sure enough, the reception has been depressingly negative. Common complaints have included sloppy textures and blurry visuals, disappointingly average shooter gameplay, and corny, dated humor. Not a single one of these complaints surprised me, and I actually predicted all of it.

DNF is a prime example of "too little, too late". This is a game that would have been sub-par if it were released a decade ago when it was even relevant, but now it doesn't even get to be half-decent. It's just plain awful. My point for this entire post is: who didn't see this coming? The Duke Nukem series was acclaimed for its tremendous role in PC gaming, but it is no longer as good or relevant as it was then. It managed to catch the attention of gamers for its crude and nonchalant use of sex and humor during a much simpler time in gaming, but like I said, this is no longer relevant. The older games have not aged well, and now have no reason to be remembered.

This is why the latest game is no good. Imagine bringing a dated, irrelevant game into a different era of gaming. What is one to expect. Duke Nukem Forever has been the butt of delayed release jokes for years, and now it gets an equally hilarious end to its history by being bad. It's not disappointing, everybody should have seen it coming. Now the series can slowly fade into obscurity and focus on being remembered in better times...



  1. Dude, your argument that the Duke-Series has never produced a really good Game couldn´t be more wrong. First of, Duke 1 and 2 were hits for their time and second, Duke Nukem 3D has revolutionised the Shooter-Genre. That´s not from a Fans View, that is Fact. So please, If you wanna write something on the Internet, you could at least do your research.

  2. Maybe I should rephrase that. I'm completely aware of the acclaim it has received for its role in PC gaming, but my personal opinion is that they are no longer as great or relevant as they were at debut. Like I said, the series has not aged well, and the new game proves that.

  3. Duke nukem was good in those days, but if they release a game with the same formula at year 2011... the result is obvious


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