Saturday, April 24, 2010

MG Wishlist MS Survey

There is an ongoing survey on bandai's main website where fans vote for the Mobile Suit they most want to be given the Master Grade treatment. As reported by ngeekhiong, there has been a recent update in the Dengeki Hobby magazine. The top 5 are now as follows:

1) Gundam 00 Raiser
2) Gundam Double X
3) V2 Gundam
4) Turn X
5) The O

Voting is apparently still going on until April 30th, and you can vote here: The winner gets a chance to get MG treatment! Awesome.

Personally, I have a lot Gundam I wish to see get the Master Grade treatment, but I wanna post that list separately. But yeah, I could care less about the 00 Raiser, but the Double X and Turn X are definitely interesting choices for MG's. The Wing Gundam just got MG treatment so that dream came true. I'm about to make my own list, this should be fun.


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  1. They're all very nice choices voted by the fans so far. I think that THE-O was originally planned to be released, and a price was announced too (5000 Yen I think?), but it disappeared off and didn't appear again. I saw it from a magazine scan from Ngee Khiong and don't think it was fake either. Would be interesting to see it back, even though I am not planning to get it (I'm not that into MG in general).


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