Friday, April 23, 2010

Black Rock Shooter: Black Blade Ver. PVC Figure

I've had a recent fascination with anime figures as of late, ever since I was introduced to Vocaloid. I never bothered with figures before since I've always been a Gunpla guy, but they are seriously starting to interest me now. The problem with figures, though, is that they are always limited in supply and usually quite expensive when compared to Gunpla.

But besides all that, I really like this Black Rock Shooter original design that's been really popular recently. They're even planning an anime in the upcoming months. This particular figure caught my eye, with great quality as expected of GSC.

The price range is between $70-90 in the stores I've checked and is slated for a June 30, 2010 release. Gotta watch out for that date...



  1. Haha, welcome to the so-called the dark side of the hobby. Figures are (getting more and more) expensive, and I agree are harder to buy due to the fact that they come in 1-2 batches and that's it, different to gunpla. As for Black Rock Shooter, I have pre-ordered one for poseable figure line called figma. Retail price is about 2800 Yen (to be released in July) so it's not too bad. You can check it out on the net.

  2. Figures are indeed getting more expensive, and buying OOS ones usually cost ridiculous amounts. D:


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