Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hatsune Miku 1/8 PVC from Good Smile Company

Yeah, I definitely have a new obsession with Hatsune Miku. Play the damn Project Diva game and it'll happen to you too, bastard. Anyway, I've been looking around for figures and I came across one that came out about two years ago. It's totally out of production now, but they're floating around auction sites for absurd prices.

It's the 1/8 PVC Figure from Good Smile Company. Out of all the figures of Hatsune Miku I've seen, this one definitely looks the best. I really want to get my hands on one of these (I've never bought a figure before), but I definitely can't afford the $100-$200 price tags it has on ebay. I'll find it somehow. Here are some photos.

Miku's appearance is captured perfectly in this figure, I definitely don't want to settle for anything less. Photos are courtesy of the Good Smile Company website.



  1. This GSC rendition of Miku is my favorite. You can consider getting the CM ver. which is essentially equivalent to this one except with closed eyes.

    Hopefully you can get lucky, or GSC might do a re-release I guess. I found mine a while back on eBay for around $70~. Good luck with your search!

  2. Yeah everything I've found so far is a little over 100 dollars, and I think the closed eyes version takes away from the real charm of the figure (the eyes). So yeah wish me luck...

  3. The GSC version is a favourite for many. Even I was tempted to get it on a few occaisions, but I am happy with the figma version. The last time I remember it got re-released was around this time last year, but I am not sure whether there will be anymore re-releases afterwards. That is the main problem with figures in general since they only come in batches and will be discontinued after that.

    The CM version with closed eyes has an elegant touch to it, but is also a limited figure so it's naturally rarer and more expensive as well. But either figures are recommended if you can still find them. Others such as the Max Factory one or even the Sega prize item one are worth considering too.


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