Friday, January 01, 2010

January 1, 2010

I really hate these inane celebrations but...Happy New Year! It's 1am, an hour after the official start of the new millennial decade. Twenty ten sure sounds futuristic doesn't it? Can't wait til it gets to four digits, like twenty thirteen. Anyway, I'm about to recap my 2009 so bare with me for a minute or two.

A lot of significant things happened in my life in 2009; some bad and some good, but all worthwhile. Thinking back, this may have been one of my more event-filled years during my teenage life. I started my year right where I left off during the winter of 2008; in an alternative high school for kids they don't think belong in a "traditional school setting". Most of you aren't aware of this, but some pretty unlucky circumstances landed me in this horrible setting for a few months. Looking back, I'm amazed at how well I endured those cold winter months in that run-down catholic parish. Honestly though, it wasn't all that bad. The kids were troubled and unmotivated, but they certainly weren't out of control; in fact they were pretty friendly people. They were just teenagers after all.

The only thing keeping me down was my yearning to return to my original high school, where I had already spent my freshman, sophomore, and junior years at. Friends constantly asked when I would return, and I constantly questioned the board of education so I could find out if I could return any time soon.Surely enough, after several letters and numerous visits to a psychiatrist, who I was recommended to use for a recommendation letter, I received a faithful call from the Superintendent of my school system. I was finally headed back to my original school. This was in the middle of the school day, so I ended up telling everyone at the alternative school. To my surprise, everybody there congratulated me and said their farewells. That confirmed to me that they really were normal kids who really just deserved more attention.

To this day, I still resent the school systems for their careless handling of my case. More than anything else, I was morally disappointed at how weak the local school systems were against government powers. They were completely at the mercy of the 'Zero tolerance' policy, and I was their unlucky victim. I guess in the end, the board of education came to their senses and slipped me back through a government blind-spot. Someday, I'll redeem my dignity from the school system, and bring this ill-conceived alternative program some sensible reform. That is a goal I'm looking to see to in my life. I those kids are doing...

All the effort I put into getting myself back to my original school had paid off, and I was going to finish off my senior year in my hometown. I want to take this time to thank my vice principal, Mr.E. It was him who spent a bunch of his time talking to the principal and the superintendent in order to get me back. Without his help, I may not have made it back. Thank you.

Anyway, I had some happy reunions with my school mates, went to prom, had my last night with the class of '09 at an arcade, and graduated. I turned 18 a little after that, and had an incredibly boring summer. I think most of my summer was spent just preparing my mind for college. I still remember how nervous I was about moving away from home and going to college. Looking back, I'm pretty surprised at how well I transitioned into college life. My first semester at college was great; workload was minimal at best and I made some incredible friends. I was never the type to hang around with a group of friends because throughout high school, I had a best friend whom I hung out with almost all of the time. College was a plethora of new experiences for me. Hopefully, this can continue for the years to come.

I don't do resolutions because I'm a lazy asshole, but I just hope I figure myself out this year. What I mean by that is, I want to find out what my true passions are. A lot of people have dreams and plans for their futures, but I still don't fully see my future. I think my passions are in little pieces, and 2010 is the year for me to put them together. During 2009, I found that my greatest academic ability was writing. Writing is how I spend my free time, and how I express my beliefs. I guess that is how I honed my abilities. That was just a recent realization, but since childhood I have had a thing for comedy. I spent much of my childhood drawing comics, and it became something I identified myself with. With a combination of both, I would probably enjoy getting into writing for television or animation. Just a thought though...

I'm probably boring you with my life story here, so I'll just end on this note: don't make resolutions if you aren't going to fulfill them. Assholes.


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