Monday, January 04, 2010

Hello Lurkers

Well, I've been running this blog for about a year now, and I'm getting a steady rate of visitors and returning visitors (though I plan on seeing an increase of course). Thing is, people rarely leave comments. What I enjoy more than anything is getting feedback from people who read my posts, so I'm going to try a little something here.

Not a Zerg Lurker. Lurkers are people who silently read the content and don't contribute. 

For those of you who have read the posts on my blog and/or are returning visitors, tell me a little bit about yourselves! How did you end up on the blog, and peaks your interest? Is it Gundam, gunpla modeling, video games, etc? And are the top 5 lists a good format for the majority of my posts? Blah blah, you know what to do.

I read somewhere that only about 10 percent of lurkers actually seek to contribute anything, and only 1 percent of that 10 contributes regularly. I want that 10 percent to contribute a lot, so I'm gonna just try to rile you guys up a bit. Though I'm afraid no ones gonna contribute to this either...

Well, have it you lurkers.


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