Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Congressman Who Likes Gundam

I was checking my visitor stats on my statcounter account (I was bored damn it) and I noticed some very interesting things.

For those of you who do not know what statcounter is, it is a website that records and logs your website or blog's hits and # of unique visitors and the like. It has many features, like showing you where the visitor came from, what pages they were on, how long they were on them, and what city and country they reside in. Try it for yourself at statcounter.com (your welcome).

First of all, I've noticed a very high percentage of my visitors are some south east Asia. I've noticed that southern Asian countries are quite into Gundam modeling, but I didn't expect to see them visiting my blog. Amazingly, only about 35% of my visitors are American. About 10 percent is from Europe and Canada, and another 10 percent is spread around the globe, but the rest of the percentages are owed to south east Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. The Philippines are a whopping 16.80%. I'm aware that most of these countries are english speaking countries, so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise to me. Everyday, several hundred of my pageviews are owed solely to these south east Asian countries. Well then, let me take this time to say...


And now a specific discovery. I shouldn't disclose too much information, but I won't be revealing anything private so whatever. One of my visitors got to my website from...THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. The incredible library located in Washington D.C. that has a collection of over 30,000,000 books and contains unfathomable amounts of important American government history. Considering how important this library is, only members of the United States Congress, their staff, Supreme Court Justices, and certain government officials are allowed to access the entirety of the library and check out books. Members of the public can only look around.

Library of Congress reading room

Regular people need a special ID card to access the parts of the library that matter (like the one above), so I'm guessing computers with internet access are located in special resource rooms as well. I highly doubt someone would take a lengthy trip to the Library of Congress and obtain permission to access the computers just to nonchalantly search for Gunpla reviews. So am I to assume that its a member of the United States Congress? Is there a Supreme Court Justice that's secretly interested in Master Grade Gundam models? How peculiar, and somewhat flattering to be honest.

It's probably Congressman Tom Cole. It has to be.

There's plenty more to report, but I'd rather not bore you with the details. All I know is, a high ranking government official scoped through my site and extensively read my MG Nu Gundam review. That is just precious.


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