Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Gundam Exia or 00 Gundam?


In just about every Gundam show, the main character obtains a new, more powerful Gundam at the halfway point of the story. This new Gundam is in every way superior to the previous Gundam, and is often much more appealing. This was the case for the Wing Zero (as opposed to the Wing Gundam), the Freedom Gundam (as opposed to the Strike Gundam), the Zeta Gundam (as opposed to the RX-178 MK-II), the God Gundam (as opposed to the Shining Gundam), and plenty of others. Unfortunately, the opinions were quite split about the 00 Gundam and its predecessor, the Exia.

The 00 Raiser was definitely several times more powerful than the Exia. It followed the tradition of being extremely powerful, with few mobile suits that could actually stand a chance against it. I never felt this way about previous Gundam shows, but I definitely preferred the predecessor, the Exia. I think it is because the Exia was much more entertaining to watch and simply more appealing.

Here are some things I felt the Exia had over the 00 Raiser

- It's design was a lot better in my opinion. It was simple while at the same time quite detailed. It also did not have a giant winged backpack.

- Its seven swords. The seven melee weapons it had and the fighting style Setsuna used to fight with them was MUCH more entertaining to watch as opposed to the 00 Gundam and its two gunblade-like weapons. The way Setsuna got up close and aggresive with the GN sword and how it switched to its other weapons was simply more entertaining than the constant blasting and quick clashing of the 00 Gundam.

- Exia was inferior to the 00 Gundam, and thus had to fight harder. The melee battles were intense and definitely more entertaining than the constant ownage the 00 Raiser in trans-am mode delivered.

I was really glad when Setsuna returned to the Exia for the finale, it really is his Gundam. It ended with a great land fought melee battle, which is, in my opinion, the most entertaining kind of battle.

So as you can obviously tell, I prefer the Exia to the 00. The opinions are pretty split based on what I've seen on forums. What is your opinion?



  1. I kinda agree with you. Either way, Exia or 00 Gundam, I like them both just as much, which is (like you said), different from previous series where I just like the later more powerful Gundam.

  2. from design i most like Exia than OO because it looks simple ...

  3. Exia looks simple but still manages to look cool and stylish at the same time. 00 kinda look weird with that Twin Drive. And the head is way too complicated, The neck armor also kinda make 00 looks bulky, unlike it predecessor. Exia charm lies on it mobility looks, similiar to Kyrios.

  4. Yeah, we got the same opinion, exactly.
    I really like Exia's "circle design" concept, like the GN drives, the circle plates on the side of elbows and knees.

    And, your right, Exia became more melee than 00.

  5. I've always like the wing design of 00, especially if you throw in the GN sword III. It just yells badass.

  6. I kinda prefer the 00, but only because of the 0 Raiser on his back.
    The only thing of the Exia, i like more, is the chest.

    What do people actually think of the qan-t?
    I kinda think he is kinda ehm..... lame in comparrison to the other 2.
    Even though i like his ridiculous power.

  7. Design wise, I prefer the 00 Raiser, since I'm a fan of its wings and the overall silhouette of the suit, but then again, I also like Exia's chest since it is reminiscent of the 90s AU main Gundams, which was what I grew up with.


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