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Best Gundam Protagonist?

Just like I did with my Top 5 Gundam Series post, I want to poll people on what they think about the question of who the top Gundam protagonist is. I actually made a Top 5 Gundam Protagonists post in the past, but it was awful and I've since gotten rid of it. Considering how difficult and possibly meaningless this question is, I thought I'd just ask people instead of attempting to create a new list.

As usual, this question is almost impossible to answer objectively. People have their own opinions on what "best" means, and personal bias is going to play a big part in it. Still, there's got to be a general consensus for certain characters.

So, who is it? Amuro Ray? Garrod Ran (who actually seems to get a lot of love)? Kamille? Setsuna? Who is the best Gundam protagonist in the meta-series?



  1. I was planning on NOT to make any comment regarding this one. But now that you mention it, methinks the only thing that needs rearranging in the ranking is the 2nd, 4th, and 5th places.

    My reasons:

    - Amuro deserves to be on top, being the pilot that started it all, AND the fact that Char's at top as well;

    - As for Heero, I suggest that he stay at top 3, since the 2nd place has always been destined for another UC pilot (Either Kamille, Judau, Shiro, Kou, Banagher, Seabook, or Uso). And this is, ironically coming from a fleeting AC fanboy.

    - As for 4th, methinks Domon needs to be elevated to that spot. Dunno about the 5th tho...

  2. Mark Curran (G-Saviour) FTW! Not really, no LOL.

    For me, Amuro Ray is No.1 without question because he has the best character arc of any Gundam protagonist. I loved his development from a green-behind-the-ears pilot (0079) to a conflicted veteran (Zeta) to a leader (CCA).

    A close second would be Loran Cehack for being the most normal, well-adjusted teenager with no random personality defects (ala Kamille). He's just so friendly and nice to everyone you can't help but love him :)

    And third would be Setsuna F Seiei. As much as most people don't care for his character, I was deeply touched by his convictions and strength in rising above his rather horrific childhood to becoming the saviour of humanity.

  3. To reply to both your suggestions...

    I would probably end up moving Domon up a few spots, possibly in the top 3. I'm actually a little unsure of the 2 spot. There aren't too many UC pilots I'm particularly fond of. It might even be taken by an AC pilot. Amuro, though, stays right where he is at the top.

    Loran and Setsuna are the dark horses. Loran is an oft forgotten character that I think gets a few points for diverting from the traditional Gundam formula. Setsuna is definitely iffy, but I wouldn't be surprised if I left him in the top 5.

    Now, the Heero suggestion...honestly, I'd probably have to leave him off entirely. He's just too flat of a character, and he doesn't do enough to set himself apart from the rest.

    1. Domon certainly deserves a spot in the top five for his character, and Setsuna should stay on the list at either three or four.

  4. Puny human, you should feel honored to bask in the light of Jesus Yamato.

  5. The best protagonist should have a good mix of both pilot skill and character. As such, I have four nominations for the top five:

    1. Amuro: Great character development over the course of two series and a movie, growing into an amazing pilot as well as a great individual. Has the best balance of skill and personality.

    2: Domon: While his piloting skills are unconventional for gun dam series, his character shows a lot of development from a rash, aggressive fighter into a more compassionate, open minded individual. He also has a series long love interest which gets excellent expansion, as well as a great background story. However due to the unconventional piloting abilities he has, he can't be number 1

    3: Setsuna: He debatably has the best backstory. Indoctrinated at a young age, tricked into killing his parents, and turning into a blind soldier, Setsuna rises above all challenges the world throws at him, even becoming the first pure innovator, even with a childhood most other protagonists couldn't survive from. He shows true conviction and strength, overcoming some of the deadliest and fiercest enemies in Gundam history. He is also quite capable of showing his emotions, although its mostly in combat.

    However, his character does become a little stale on occasion (and he says Gundam way too often), so his character isn't the highest ranked, although its far from bad. As for skill, he is debateably the strongest of any pilot, considering he ACTUALLY HAD TRAINING BEFORE HOPPING INTO THE NEAREST STATE OF THE ART MOBILE SUIT unlike most UC protagonists. This coupled with extensive combat experience, years of operating alone, and service with Celestial being make him a profound pilot.

    4: Heero: While his character suffers from a similar problem as Setsuna (being a little bland at times) Heero does have an interesting story, which shows he does have human emotion and a desire for peace. He is completely fearless, willing to sacrifice himself on multiple occasions (seriously, he's been in more near-death situations than any other pilot). The only down side is that he doesn't show his emotions often enough to justify his, "Live by your emotions" mantra. He is even more monotone than Stesuna, hence his place on this list.

    As for skill, Heero has proven to be an amazing pilot, able to master the near-uncontrollable zero-system which lead many others to insanity.

    5:? Sorry, can't think of anyone. Although I admit this Loran guy sounds interesting.

  6. Amuro is the big brother, should be top one.
    Then some love for SEED / Destiny:
    - Kira Yamato
    - Athrun Zala
    - Shinn Asuka
    and of course don't forget Char..opps.. he is not protagonist? lol..

  7. Only 3.
    1. Amuro Ray / Char although not a protagonist.
    2. Banagher Links, a receipient of a great story from Unicorn.
    3. Heero Yuy, state character, but one of the best MS pilot. A spy, a soldier, a strategist, an MS specialist, a Gundam poster boy.

    Setsuna is a nut. Kira is a cry-baby.


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