Friday, December 28, 2012

Blog Identity Crisis

I've been thinking about this for some time now, but I'm just starting to consider starting a new blog for things that are unrelated to my hobbies. I started this blog as a Gundam related blog, and so far, most of my visitors have come for the Gundam posts. Whenever I post an article about anything else, it tends to get lost and ignored.

I've been trying to blend everything together because I didn't want to make a new website and start finding a completely new audience. However, I think this is by far the best move. I can finally dedicate Shinkan Crossing to Gundam so my Gundam visitors don't feel alienated by random posts. Look forward to only the most relevant posts now! And if anyone cares, I'll be creating my new blog and post only about the types of things you can find in my articles page. Stay tuned...



  1. We've been through that phase, once in a while. I got used to that feeling long before the CelPrev system went underway, since I've been doing articles for my School paper...

    You'll get used to it in time. I did. Sort of... '^^

  2. Thanks mate. I want to thank you specifically for always being the first one to comment on anything I write. I'm very grateful for the contributions!


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