Monday, October 22, 2012

MG Tallgeese and MG Ver.Ka Nu Gundam?!

I'm seriously behind. It's not just that I haven't bothered blogging in months. I haven't kept track of gunpla news for the same amount of time, and it turns out I've completely missed some of the most exciting news in awhile.

My dream, that I posted in my 4 Mobile Suits That Need Master Grades, has finally come true. After all these years! The Tallgeese has finally gotten the Master Grade treatment! Here is the news link from Gundam Guy:

Hard to say how it looks at the moment, but it's a god damn MG. I'm happy its even happening.
The other news, while not very exciting, is quite interesting. Right when I decide to buy the HGUC version, they've already announced a new Master Grade Nu Gundam. Ver.Ka. Take a look:

It definitely looks infinitely better than the old MG Nu Gundam that I despise because of its proportions. It looks slightly bulky, which is not what I would have expected from Katoki. Still, I trust that it will be an impressive model. Might even get it to complete the set of old MG, Ver.ka MG, and HGUC.


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  1. Nice to hear that one of the MS in your wishlist has come true now! I'm pretty sure a lot of people are excited over this, as we really need more Gunpla from alternate universe these days :o


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