Monday, July 26, 2010

Street Fighter X Tekken Announced!


So anyway. As you may have figured, I'm a huge fan of fighting games, with Tekken and Street Fighter being my all-time favorite fighting game series. A crossover fighting game with these two games is a concept dreams are made of, but for years it wouldn't come. They fooled around with the concept in Namco X Capcom, but the game was a finicky strategy RPG and it was only released in Japan. But finally, rumors flying around on the internet were answered recently at this year's Comic-con. The head honchos behind Street Fighter and Tekken have announced Street Fighter X Tekken! The teaser trailer is above, and a rough gameplay trailer is below.

Bloody epic. Apparently, Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken will use Street Fighter 4's gameplay mechanics and graphics. The Tekken characters will be re-imagined and their traditional moves will adjust to 2D fighting mechanics, as you can tell from the clip. There will also be assist type moves, where an ally jumps in to deal some extra damage. Kazuya and Nina look great with their Street Fighter 4 looks, and its great to see Kazuya's Tekken moves being used.

Of course, this isn't the only news in the crossover department. Namco will also be developing a Tekken vs Street Fighter game, using the Tekken 6 engine. It is essentially the Tekken version, with Street Fighter characters being re-imagined to fit in with the 3D Tekken gameplay and look. Can't wait for their announcement.

Here's some screenshots for you to drool over.



  1. Wow.. This is great! I'm excited to play this game. I will definitely tell this to my classmates. Thanks and keep them coming!

  2. Still find it hard to believe, but it really is happening :o Too bad I really really suck at fighting games ^^;

  3. street fighter vs tekken = every fighter lover's wet dream

  4. No joke either, I sexually worshipped this idea

  5. I haven't played a tekken game properly since tekken 3 (STILL the best one IMO) but I really have to wonder how they will get the 2 game systems to work together.

    Afterall, Tekken characters are weak against projectiles (jinpatchi!!) while streetfighter still has never done a true 3D game. Everything is done on a 2D plane.
    There are a lot of questions which need to be answered first for this crossover. It's not an instant fit between series like Capcom Vs SNK was...

  6. Well they've already stated that Capcom's game will use the Street Fighter 4 engine, and Namco's game will use the Tekken 6 engine. They'll reimagine the tekken characters' movelist for 2d gameplay, and it looks very good as seen in the gameplay trailer. I imagine the same will be done for the Tekken game. Imo, I think Capcom's game will be much better.

  7. True enough, And I also think the capcom attempt will be better. Tho I still have lingering doubts as to how they will try to mesh the 2 game styles together.
    This isn't like the legendary fighters Megamix on the Sega Saturn. Fighting Vipers and Virtua fighter were much closer in terms of the basic mechanics compared to these 2... Now I want to dig out my saturn!!

  8. Someone actually brought to my attention, in my more recent Tekken x SF post, that it's more confusing how they'll reimagine the Street Fighter characters in Namco's game. Will they strip Ryu and Ken of their signature Hadouken moves, or alter them into some sort of charge move like Devil Jin's laser. That'll be interesting to see..


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