Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finally, I've joined the next gen gaming scene!

Just got my new Playstation 3 Slim yesterday! It's the 120gb model, which I hear is being discontinued soon in favor of a newer 160gb version that's coming out soon. I really don't need all that memory really, I'm fine with 120gb and I can always upgrade the hard drive.

I'm trying not to play it right now because we only have standard def TV's in the house right now, and we're about to get a 55inch HD TV tomorrow. Let me tell you this right now: YOU CANNOT PLAY NEXT GEN CONSOLES WITH AN SD TV. The graphics are too powerful for older TV's. First of all, text is not well defined so it is extremely blurry and very hard to read. The graphics are also too detailed, and all of that is condensed so it does not look nearly as good as it should and it is very hard to see everything. This is common knowledge really, but its just a heads up to anyone thinking of buying a PS3/360.

So, the only game I have so far is Final Fantasy XIII. I'm aware of all the controversy and mixed reviews its gotten by fans, and after playing about 7 hours in I'm totally understood all the complaints. I'm going to write a review for it soon, but seriously, its just been a rail-shooter the whole time. Its starting to pick up since combat has gotten more fun, I can further develop characters and weapons, and the story is picking up. I haven't been totally disappointed, but it still hasn't impressed me yet either. We'll see...


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  1. 55" HD TV, I'm jealous. :P

    FFXIII combat gets way more intense later on. Just keep pushing through!


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