Monday, March 30, 2009

1/35 Guren Type-02 [Review]

Yet another non-gundam model kit (they deserve some attention to), today we look at the 1/35 scale Guren Type-02 from the Code Geass series. It is piloted by Kallen Kouzuki, and it is in some ways a main mech and in some ways the anti-hero mech. You'll understand if you watch the anime (which is amazing by the way).

It is a 1/35, and most rookie modelers who only buy Bandai's Gunpla would expect something enourmous. Unfortunately, that is not the case. It stands at about 13cm, slightly taller than the average 1/144 Gundam model. Above is a height comparison between the Guren, a 1/144 scale Impulse Gundam, and the 1/100 scale Over Flag.

The model comes molded in 7 colors: brownish red, a much darker red, an orangey yellow, dark gray, black, white, and metallic gray. The first thing you will notice about this model is the glossy finish. Just about every piece is glossy (excluding the right arm, which is a dull silver color). It will depend on your preference in determining whether or not the gloss is a good thing. In my opinion, the gloss makes it look really plasticy and cheap. If you do not like it, a coat of paint will make it look more fine.

The left arm is the regular arm. It is very slim and has a machine gun grafted onto its wrist. The shoulders move up and down thanks to its unique connection to the torso. The arm will bend at the shoulder and of course at the elbow. There are two sets of hands: a standard open hand and a fist holding onto a knife. The knife cannot be removed, the whole thing is a single, solid piece. The knife and its blade will be molded in the same color as the hand (dark red) so you will have to paint the blade to make it look like an actual knife.

The right arm is its main weapon and the best part about this mech. There are three separate joints on the arm, and each fold up and can extend for attack poses. Each finger on the hand is an individual piece, but the fingers themselves do not not bend. There is a small red piece on the palm (this is where it sends its energy towards to blow shit up).

The legs can spread quite far out and have a lot of freedom to turn side to side, in and out. This articulation will allow for some decent action poses. The front of the foot bends up and down, and the two pieces it has for heels also move up and down. There are sets of wheels that are hidden in the calf of the leg, and can be lowered for its "skating" movement. The wheels are rubber and actually spin so thats a plus. There is also a rubber belt that attaches to a shield on one thigh and goes through a pocket piece on the other thigh.

Construction for the torso is pretty basic, and fortunately it is molded in all the right colors. There is a small piece on its left chest that can be removed for attachment of a "slash harken", which is basically a rocket anchor. It is a long rope like piece with an anchor on the end of it that can attached to a hole in the chest for some action posing. The torso itself can move back and forth for the lunging action poses. The large yellow pack on its back is where the pilot is, and the top and be opened up to reveal the unpainted pilot, Kallen (who actually requires assembly). The head can move up and down and move around as much as its ball joint allows it to. The only vital foil sticker is for its eyes, which are small and barely noticeable (but a pain to get on just right).

It comes with a unique stand that allows for it to do some of the attack poses it takes in the anime.

Overall, this is a very good representation of the Guren Type-02. Its proportions are just right, it is molded in all the right colors, and its right arm is perfectly functional. The joints are nicely reinforced and doesn't use too many polycaps. Articulation is fantastic, as it will be able to take some incredibly accurate action poses with the help of its action base stand. My only complaint would be the gloss, which makes the sprue marks really visible and ugly. Nonetheless, this is a must buy for any Code Geass fan, especially since there are no better model kits for Code Geass mechs.


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