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C.Jin's All-Time Favorite Games: Part II

I'm about to dig into ancient history here, but back in the day (a Tuesday), I made a post about my all-time favorite games. I was supposed to follow it up immediately with a part II, but I was like meh so I didn't. So, here we are, 5 years later. Here is part two of the list of my all-time favorite games.

I covered some of the more common and mainstream games in my first list, so I actually have a couple of less popular gems prepared for this one. What most of these games have in common is that I spent hundreds, and I mean hundreds of hours playing them. The gameplay absorbed me so deeply in the experience that at times, I found myself just standing around in the game's world so it wouldn't have to end. And that's what gaming is all about, right? Having fun? ...Right guys?

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Metal Gear Solid 4 is an amazing game, right? And what about The Last of Us? A clear Game of the Year winner right there. So, what's my favorite PS3 game? Fucking Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. It's hard to describe just how much I love this game, but let me tell you this. I spent over 200 hours completing the game, maxing out my character, and getting the Platinum trophy. Then a year later, I went back to the game because I was unhappy with how I built my character, so I started a new game and spent another 200 hours making the perfect Assassin.

And it wasn't just a grind, because Dark Arisen's main strength is in its gameplay. It probably has the most epic and exhilarating boss battles in the genre. As many have said, it's like a combination of Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls. Even if you think Skyrim and Dark Souls are better games overall, it's hard to deny that they're a few steps behind Dragon's Dogma in the giant dragon battle department.

Honestly though, I think this game is criminally underrated. I really believe Capcom had something here. They created an expansive world with intimidating monsters and a rich lore, and there's the potential for something even greater if the developers can polish some of the obvious faults the original game had. My only wish is that this IP gets enough fan support to warrant a sequel. So here's me doing my part: go buy this game if you haven't. It can be very challenging in the beginning, but if you have the patience (and the balls) to get over that initial hump, you'll be in for one of the most rewarding experiences you can find on the PS3/360. 

SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash

Caaard Fighterrrrs. This game is an absolute treat for me because of my long-time fandom of Capcom and SNK fighting games. It's basically a card-battling RPG, but with enough fighting game references to make you explode into blue and yellow confetti. If you're a fighting game fan as well, you'll probably love this game anyway, but it's the addictive card collecting element that will keep you playing for hours.

There are 300 unique cards to collect, with an equal division of Capcom and SNK character cards. You'll find familiar faces from games like Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Dark Stalkers, Fatal Fury, Mega Man, Resident Evil, Samurai Shodown, Last Blade, Metal Slug, and even Star Gladiator. Yeah that's right, STAR GLADIATOR.

It's plenty of fun bringing all of your favorite characters together, but that won't be the main focus in your collecting. You see, each card has specific stats and unique abilities, so your goal will be to build the most formidable and strategically balanced deck possible. Once you have the right combination of Akuma and Krauser cards, oh man. The satisfaction of mowing down opponents will be absolutely scrumptious. The card battles themselves are fast-paced and surprisingly fun, and they're layered with enough strategic depth to be appreciable by casuals and gamers alike.

Card Fighters Clash is a relatively unknown and under-rated game as well, but that's mostly due to the short lifespan of the Neo Geo Pocket. It's such a shame too, because this is probably the best game on that system. If you're not a big fighting game or SNK fan like me, you probably won't be able to justify buying a Neo Geo Pocket, but this game is such a charming work of art that I would recommend you play it through any means possible. And you know what I mean by "any means" >_>.

Mega Man X

You know, come to think of it, I'd have to say that Capcom is my favorite game developer overall. I hate what they've been doing lately, but back before the PS3 generation they were pumping out gold on a near constant basis. Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Onimusha, and Mega Man are some of my favorite franchises, and they all happen to be from Capcom. This next entry in particular is probably one of the best games that ever bore the Capcom logo.

Mega Man X is one of the only games I can play repeatedly, day after day, from start to finish in one sitting. It's near flawless in design, and that allows one to fly through it like a master at the keys of a piano. It never gets stale either, given that it's almost impossible not to fall in love with the fast-paced platforming and incredible soundtrack. It''s just gosh darn fun. It's what every video game is supposed to be!

This game is like the others on the list in that I've invested hundreds of hours in it, though not in the same fashion. Hundreds of hours have gone into repeated playthroughs, and that number is bound to go up as I continue to mash that Mega Man X cartridge into my SNES.

By the way, this game is one of my top 10 best SNES games of all time, so why don't you go check out some of the other games that share Mega Man X's throne?

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

New Leaf doesn't hold the record for the longest overall playtime (that belongs to Dark Arisen), but it does hold the record for the longest continued playthrough. I started playing when it came out in June of 2013, and I still check on my town occasionally, so that means I've been playing for over 2 years now.

Animal Crossing is just the kind of game I like to pour all my time into. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive, so everything about New Leaf appeals to me. I collected every piece of furniture, expanded my house completely, created a stylish wardrobe, and arranged an awesome house. I seriously spent so much time and effort getting the right items to create my ideal home; it's actually exactly how I want it, and I'm the kind of person that's never satisfied with anything.

A little preview of my living room

There's just so much to spend your time on in Animal Crossing, and New Leaf is probably the best in terms of content. It has more items, more buildings, more events, more features, and a new island area with its own unique set of flora and fauna. If you're not looking to spruce up your home, you can dig for fossils, interact with townsfolk, collect bugs, and participate in town events like the fishing competition.

New Years in Animal Crossing town~

This series has never been for everyone. But for those of you who love to find enjoyment in the little things, this game is basically relaxation incarnate. It's great to just fire it up in the morning and check how everything's going. You might want to tend to the weeds, or see what's for sale at Nook's. Speaking of which, I need to go check on my town...



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