Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Alternative education? Don't bullshit with me...

Gee, I sure haven't posted in awhile. Well, school just started and it's been pretty busy. A lot of unlucky things happened to me over the summer, so I have to spend a semester at a different school. It's an alternative school for kids with "special needs". There's also a program to accommodate kids with autism in the building, but apparently we are not allowed to see them. Now, most of these kids are uncultured, unmotivated, and unmannerly. They were thrown into this alternative school because they were...well you know...retarded. I did something small that the Board of Ed considers to be on the same level as a murder. I wrote a little something that wasn't even supposed to be seen by anyone other than my friend, but it was discovered and I was nearly thrown out of my school. They really hate these things because it happens so often, but apparently they think I'm a hazard to the school's safety even though I've proven to be completely normal. They basically told me, "we really don't want you back in our school, so if you choose to put yourself in the alternative school, we won't put the suspension on your record." It was a pretty good deal, but it was at the cost of making themselves look like inconsiderate assholes. I'm still pretty mad about the whole thing, and I really don't think I deserve to be surrounded by these mindless idiots in this god forsaken alternative program.

The people who initiated the alternative program were hailed and praised in newspapers when they announced that they would start it, but from the looks of things, that as far as the praise should go. This program is garbage, absolute garbage. The building is a small, old, abandoned sunday school that smells of something strange because there is absolutely no ventilation going around. They don't even have enough funding for air conditioning. The faculty is filled with incompetent, laid-back idiots who wouldn't be qualified to be a contestant on Jeopardy. They don't even offer higher level academics because they assume that the kids there don't have the mental capacity to learn anything above 9th grade algebra. This is seriously how they run things in the alternative program. They know they are dealing with unmotivated, under-achieving students, so they dumb down the classes as much as possible to make sure they barely pass with a D. This is not an alternative program to accomodate at risk students, it's basically just a "we'll make sure you graduate on time with bare mininal requirements fulfilled, while in the mean time not doing anything to change your study habits." What a load of bullshit, this program is awful, they really should pay more attention to how they plan on running programs for children that really need help.