Monday, December 13, 2010

Wow... I noticed I haven't posted since October, but there's really too much going on for me to blog at all. I have a ton of slack to pick up; I've been neglecting my school grades so hard this semester. I don't know why procrastination and not giving a fuck got the better of me this time around, but its definitely not going well for me. The only positive thing that's happened lately is that I've got a girlfriend, but this has only been contributing to my slacking and falling grades.

Let me just tell you that dating is not the best thing to do when you're trying to pick up your school work, especially if you are in the later years of college. There's plenty of people who can balance such things, but I'm definitely NOT good at it at all. Also, if you're like me, its definitely not a good idea to dorm with a close friend. What's been happening lately is that all of our friends have been piling into our room, so it becomes the hang out spot until late at night. My room is the only place I can study, and I can't have anyone else around me or I get completely distracted. I'm in a really bad place right now, and should consider dorming by myself next semester. Take note of this fellow college students.

So...about this blog. To be brutally honest, this lack of updates will continue on indefinitely. My interest in Gunpla and Gundam is waning, what with the lack of a proper series running (though Gundam Unicorn is amazing), and my lack of money. You really need a lot of money rolling in to maintain a hobby like model making, this shit is EXPENSIVE. And any money I get will go towards my social life and my girlfriend, so any new models are a no-no for now.

The video game scene is still the same as usual, and there are tons of games I can talk about but again, I simply do not have the time to write about them anymore. The semester is almost over, and winter break is here, so this could be a chance for me to start writing bit by bit. So check back regularly


Friday, October 01, 2010

Goodbye, Ngee Khiong...

I'm completely distraught at the moment, I've just heard some terrible news. Ngee Khiong, one of the most popular blogs for Gunpla news, has just announced that it will be shutting down for good. You can read the depressing post here:

I visited this blog religiously, checking it at least twice every single day. It updated every day, and always had the very latest in Gunpla, Gundam, and figure news. There was really nowhere else to go for the latest in the Gunpla scene. Ngee Khiong is actually the reason I started a blog in the first place, and I actually used to try and post Gunpla news just as often as Ngee Khiong (I failed miserably and gave up of course). So you can see why I'm so distressed.

At the end of his final post, Ngee Khiong explains that he's not quitting because he doesn't have the time, but because he has lost interest. This part explains it all, "The truth is, I'm extremely disappointed with the development of the Gundam and Gunpla community as I see it now, so tired I don't want to share my interest in Gundam and Gunpla anymore on this blog. I used to think that things would be better with more timely information on various products and news, but the segregation, discrimination and general perception of many so-called Gundam and Gunpla fans is worse than 5 years ago, despite my effort of showing objectivity in whatever I say through the blog, and I don't want to be part of this anymore."

I'm not completely sure what he means, but I think I can understand. There is a huge disparity between Gundam fans, and it is mainly due to the generation gap that resulted from Gundam's long, 30 year history. UC fans, Seed Destiny fans, etc, are just some of the conflicting groups. I don't really participate in the community so nothing has really bothered me, but I just want to say that I've also been losing interest in the Gunpla scene. You may have noticed that I rarely post anything related to Gunpla anymore, and have a Gundam post every once in awhile. My focus is mainly on my other interests, mostly video gaming. This isn't something I want to get into now though.

All I can say is, I'm really gonna miss checking Ngee Khiong, and I'm really going to be out of the loop in terms of plamo news now...


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Top 5 Big Guns in Gundam

I've already listed the Top 5 Melee Weapons in Gundam, so it's only proper that I list the ranged weapons of Gundam. Now, I say ranged, but I'm specifically referring to weapons held by mobile suits; stationary and battleship weapons do not count. This list is dedicated to the largest, most over-the-top guns in Gundam history. A prerequisite for this list is obviously power, but note that the list does not put them in order of power. The order will be determined by other things like its impact on the series, its stylishness, and my personal opinion.

5. GN Bazooka

The GN Bazooka is the Gundam Virtue's main weapon in Gundam 00. The Virtue is a heavily-armored, heavily armed type mobile suit that uses a "just aim, and fire" strategy in battle. To keep things short, the GN Bazooka is basically a high-powered beam cannon that charges via GN particles and fires a massive holy-crap beam. Just take a look at the video.

Need I say more?

4. Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher

Just so they could get their point across, they decided to call this thing the 'Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher'. The whole name is redundant twice and sounds like something a grade-schooler made up, but that's just how powerful it is. The Hi-Nu Gundam is already one of the most versatile mobile suits in U.C. history, and this happens to be its most powerful weapon. The launcher connects to the Battleship Ra Cailum's power reactor as it requires massive amounts of energy. In a single shot, it was able to break off part of the asteroid Axis. That is enough of a testament of its power.

3. Atomic Bazooka

You don't see tactical nuclear warheads used very often in Gundam, and that's mostly because the super weapons tend to be uber beam cannons instead of conventional weapons. Though, in the few moments that nukes have been used, they've been devastating. The most memorable instance is when Anavel Gato used one in Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. With the stolen Gundam Physalis, he fires its unique Atomic Bazooka toward a Federation fleet and completely obliterates it. It was a chilling sight of destruction to be sure. Ammunition may be limited, but you only need one shot when it comes to tactical warheads. 

2. Satellite Cannon

The Satellite Cannon is basically a portable weapon of mass destruction. It is the GX's primary weapon in After War Gundam X. Its power is so devastating that you can pretty much count on everything in its path to be incinerated. One shouldn't expect anything less from an over-the-top death laser, after all. Though, in exchange for power, the Satellite Cannon has a lengthy preparation process. 

It first contacts a space station on the moon, and has it send microwaves that the GX absorbs to charge its Satellite Cannon. It then proceeds to charge for about 5 minutes. Considering how long a single sequence is, the GX would need a distraction or a hiding spot in order to use this weapon. Still, the end result makes it kind of hard to complain. Note that this weapon was instrumental in bringing about the post-apocalyptic world that Gundam X is set in. The Satellite Cannon has everything else beat in sheer firepower.

1. Twin Buster Rifle

Here's where personal bias comes in. Personally, I feel that there's never been a rifle more epic than the Twin Buster Rifle, used by the Wing Gundam Zero in Gundam Wing. The buster rifle was built with one strategy in mind: one shot kill. That's why the original buster rifle only had enough ammunition for three shots. The twin buster rifle is a vast improvement. It is two equally powerful buster rifles that can attach and separate into dual rifles. It doesn't seem to be limited by the limited ammo of the first buster rifle, firing controlled bursts rather than full-auto beams. When split in two, the Wing Zero can perform its signature move, where it holds both guns to the side and fires in a full circle.

Of course, the important thing about this weapon is its obnoxious power. Single shots destroy several mobile suits at a time, and concentrated shots do crazy things like destroy a piece of the battleship Libra and tear through several layers of underground shelter designed to withstand nuclear war. Watch the clip above. The rifle blasts are so powerful that the Gundam itself starts blowing apart due to consecutive concentrated shots. Obviously, the Twin Buster Rifle does not beat the other guns in power, but it sure beats them out in style.

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Monday, September 06, 2010

Street Fighter x Tekken Dream Roster

Shit, I haven't posted in awhile. Just so you know, school started for me last week and I've moved back into my dorm so...I've just been partying all week. But in all seriousness, I haven't even touched blogspot and I'm going to get studying so its not going to get any better. We'll see how it goes. Anyway...

I'm still all up in Street Fighter x Tekken crossover mania, so the most important thing to do is draw up a dream roster! Basically, this is my personal wish-list of characters I predict will show up and whom I'd want in the game. Note that I'm talking about Capcom's game, in case people get confused. Let's start with the Street Fighter side...


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A first look at Tekken x Street Fighter!

There were tons of previews and details on Capcom's Streetfighter x Tekken, but Namco didn't have much to show besides its announcement. Well, they've released some prototype images of Ryu rendered in the Tekken engine.

Well, it looks awkward just as I expected it to be. His uniform is Paul's uniform too. It doesn't scream awesome like Kazuya did in Street Fighter x Tekken. Luckily, this is just a very early test render and isn't anywhere near final. I have faith in Ono and Street Fighter x Tekken, since if follows Street Fighter 4 closely enough, it should be loads of fun. I'm still iffy about Harada's game, however. I'll need more information than this.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tekken: The Movie...

In case you didn't know, there's a live-action Tekken movie that came out recently. I'm a huge fan of Tekken, so I had to see it. Just a heads-up: I knew it was going to be crap the moment it was announced, but being a relentless fan, I thought I could have some stupid fun. I didn't know I would be disappointed at every fucking turn.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ranking the Final Fantasy Games

Many fans and gaming sites have tried to rank the Final Fantasy games, so I thought I'd give it a shot as well. I consider the Final Fantasy series to be my all-time favorite game series. I've loved it for years, and I've played each and every game several times. So this begs the question: which game is the best in the series? This question is furiously debated, and opinions are often all over the place. Here is my personal list of the Final Fantasy games, ranked from worst to best. Note that these are just my own observations, so feel free to comment on your own thoughts.


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Trine [Review]

Trine is a side-scrolling platformer and a gorgeous one at that. If you can imagine a fairytale come to life with high resolution graphics, Trine is exactly that. Most of the environments are in the woodlands, complete with detailed forested backgrounds, glowing plant-filled foreground, and all manner of platforms and traps. The screenshots really don't do it justice; it really looks nice is what I'm trying to say. The gameplay is that of a platformer,but it is anything but simple. The physics are incredibly smooth and responsive, and you take advantage of this realistic environment with three different playable characters. They consist of a wizard, a thief, and a knight. You play as one at a time, and you magically switch between them by pressing the shoulder buttons.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Street Fighter X Tekken Announced!


So anyway. As you may have figured, I'm a huge fan of fighting games, with Tekken and Street Fighter being my all-time favorite fighting game series. A crossover fighting game with these two games is a concept dreams are made of, but for years it wouldn't come. They fooled around with the concept in Namco X Capcom, but the game was a finicky strategy RPG and it was only released in Japan. But finally, rumors flying around on the internet were answered recently at this year's Comic-con. The head honchos behind Street Fighter and Tekken have announced Street Fighter X Tekken! The teaser trailer is above, and a rough gameplay trailer is below.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII

I've been playing the hell out of my PS3 lately, and I've already bought several games for it. My games include Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, Bayonetta, and Super Street Fighter 4. All of these games are excellent, but I've spent the most time with FFXIII so far.

My first impression of FFXIII was borderline negative, mostly because of the noted linearity of the game. It was running from point A to point B, fighting and fighting again. But as I advanced further into the game, the intricate mechanics of the battle system were unlocked and battles were made infinitely more fun. The paradigm shift system makes combat very strategic without complicating things, and access to Eidolons makes battles incredibly flashy. Accompanied by amazing visuals and a kickass soundtrack, I came to really enjoy the constant battles. Battles in Final Fantasy really have never been better.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finally, I've joined the next gen gaming scene!

Just got my new Playstation 3 Slim yesterday! It's the 120gb model, which I hear is being discontinued soon in favor of a newer 160gb version that's coming out soon. I really don't need all that memory really, I'm fine with 120gb and I can always upgrade the hard drive.

I'm trying not to play it right now because we only have standard def TV's in the house right now, and we're about to get a 55inch HD TV tomorrow. Let me tell you this right now: YOU CANNOT PLAY NEXT GEN CONSOLES WITH AN SD TV. The graphics are too powerful for older TV's. First of all, text is not well defined so it is extremely blurry and very hard to read. The graphics are also too detailed, and all of that is condensed so it does not look nearly as good as it should and it is very hard to see everything. This is common knowledge really, but its just a heads up to anyone thinking of buying a PS3/360.

So, the only game I have so far is Final Fantasy XIII. I'm aware of all the controversy and mixed reviews its gotten by fans, and after playing about 7 hours in I'm totally understood all the complaints. I'm going to write a review for it soon, but seriously, its just been a rail-shooter the whole time. Its starting to pick up since combat has gotten more fun, I can further develop characters and weapons, and the story is picking up. I haven't been totally disappointed, but it still hasn't impressed me yet either. We'll see...


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Top 5 Melee Weapons in Gundam

This time around, we're counting down five of the biggest, deadliest, and most impressive melee weapons in Gundam. While I will be taking into account the power and effectiveness of each weapon, it's really all about the wow-factor. I've always felt that melee combat is the be-all end-all of Gundam battles, so these weapons in particular will have a significance to them in terms of what they brought to their respective shows.

As usual, these are just my thoughts, so if you think I've missed anything just comment on your favorite weapons in the comment section below!

5.  GN Sword

The focal point of the Gundam Exia is its enormous GN Sword. It has special properties that allow it to cut through just about anything, and it folds back to reveal a beam rifle. Its wrist-placement and the Exia's melee style of combat is what made the first season of Gundam 00 so entertaining. All owed to this badass weapon.

4.  Gerbera Straight

Everybody looks twice when they first see this gigantic katana sword. It almost seems impractical at first, considering how beam sabers are the standard in close-range weaponry. But this sword is made specially to be just as effective as a beam weapon, and it is absolutely capable of splitting mobile suits in half with a quick swing. The pilot of the Gundam Astray prefers the Gerbera straight over beam weaponry because it does not consume battery energy from the suit. Though, having said all that, it's really all about appearances. It's a GIANT Gundam-sized katana sword for god sakes. It earns its position here with pure style.

3.  Beam Scythe

A beam weapon in the shape of a scythe may seem a bit overkill, but it's undeniably effective and quite intimidating. The size and shape of the scythe makes it ideal for splitting mobile suits in two clear halves, and its swinging power is greatly strengthened by the vernier thrusters behind the blades that boost the blades right into the target. The Deathscythe Hell even comes equipped with an upgraded beam scythe that has two blades, for maximum cutting potential. It has a preference for ending things quickly, which is fitting because it's basically a symbol of death in giant robot form. And seriously, what's not to like about that?

2.  Epyon's Beam Sword

The Gundam Epyon's beam sword was a beam saber multiplied by at least 5. The Epyon itself was touted as being the ultimate close-range mobile suit, so it needed a beam saber that would compensate for the lack of any ranged weaponry. This beam sword compensates rather admirably; its flaming blade requires so much energy to maintain its power and size that it needs to be connected to an extra energy source via a long cable. While that may sound cumbersome, I take it as a symbol of just how devastating it really is. 

1.  God Gundam's Hands

This may seem a bit unconventional, but come on; the God Gundam's fists are about as "melee" as it gets. They're the harbingers of justice. The glowing hands of death. They're alpha and omega, and probably the most epic anythings in the history of Gundam. Just have a peek at Domon's signature move, the "God Finger".

My goodness. There's no surviving that one. What basically happens is, all the energy is focused into the hands, then released into the body of an enemy mobile suit. This creates a devastating explosion that releases from within, leaving absolutely no parts unscathed. The God Gundam is also capable of firing off a "Hadouken" style energy ball, and a gigantic energy hand that crushes foes from a distance. Considering the amount of highly destructive and versatile techniques at its disposal, how can I not consider the God Gundam's hands the ultimate melee weapons?

Just watch that video again. "Baaakunetsu, God Fingaaaa!" Hell yeah.

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Max Factory's Figma Makinami Mari, reserved

Looks like I'm getting deeper and deeper into this. Surprise, I've already pre-ordered my second figure. I'm really liking the poseability and style of Max Factory's figma line. I went for the upcoming Makinami Mari figure, Mari being a new character in the Rebuild of Evangelion movies. It's due out in late October. Here are some images:


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Preordered Figma Black Rock Shooter!

It's official, I've preordered my first figure! It's not an expensive GSC figure, however. Its an action figma, specifically the Black Rock Shooter figma from Max Factory. It looks quite impressive, and is pretty affordable. Here are some images:


Monday, June 28, 2010

GSC Black Rock Shooter Anime Ver.

My interest in figures is still minor at best, and I still haven't gotten my hands on my much wanted Hatsune Miku figure (I'll get it eventually I swear), but the good folks at Good Smile Company have amazed me once again. They have released previews of yet another figure of Black Rock Shooter, based on the upcoming anime. Here are some images.


Ecchi CG Set - Sheryl Nome

Here's an ecchi set to celebrate the end of Macross Frontier. Who better than the sexy galaxy idol, Sheryl Nome? That two-piece outfit was already ridiculously skimpy in design; these artists really didn't need to try very hard to make it ecchi. Anyway, enjoy the gallery!



Sunday, June 27, 2010

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker [Review]

Yes, I've just completed this behemoth of a game, and let me tell you: it's fucking brilliant. I've been anticipating this title ever since it was announced, and had really high hopes for it when I heard that Hideo Kojima would be directly involved with it. You see, Kojima wasn't directly involved with Portable Ops, which explains why that game was as dull as your grandmother. Peace Walker totally makes up for Portable Ops with better graphics, sound, gameplay, plot, and so much content that it can rightfully be called Metal Gear Solid 5.

Peace Walker is supposed to take place 10 years after Snake Eater, but strangely almost pretends like Portable Ops never happened. There is barely any mention of the events that occured, and none of the familiar characters from PO even appear in Peace Walker. Since the events of Snake Eater, Naked Snake (now known as Big Boss) has started an organization called Militares Sans Frontieres (Army without Borders). MSF is an arms-for-hire organization, made up of soldiers without countries or ideals. It is Snake's interpretation of The Boss's will. They are approached by a "professor" from a Russian university and his student, a young girl who is studying peace, to investigate an unknown armed force in Costa Rica. This leads to the discovery of nukes being moved into Costa Rica, and the eventual crisis that results from the discovery of a Metal Gear-esque machine called the Peace Walker.

The story is, once again, told through stylized drawings in motion like in Portable Ops. I never really liked this style, and would've much preferred regular in-game cutscenes, but the illustrations are very well drawn and work to some degree. At least the voice acting is still there (which is excellent as usual). Something new to Peace Walker, though, are quick-time events. During a cutscene, you might have to press the R button to shoot a rocket or press left to avoid an enemy attack. This was kind of unnecessary, as I like just putting the PSP down during the long cutscenes. Still, it adds some flavor to the cutscenes. Fortunately, there are actually several cutscenes that use in-game graphics, which is a great bonus.

The story mode revolves around MSF's base of operations, called Mother Base. In between missions, you'll be at the Mother Base menu. Here, you can organize your recruits, research new weapons and items, and send your soldiers on Outer Ops missions. Let's start with your army. Like in Portable Ops, you can recruit soldiers to join MSF. This has been greatly simplified and actually made addictive with the Fulton Recovery System, which is an in-game item. When you stand over an unconscious enemy soldier, you can use the Fulton Recovery System to send him flying into the sky with a balloon to be recovered by a helicopter and taken back to Mother Base. That means no more dragging bodies to your damn truck. There will also be random POW's throughout the missions that you can rescue with the Fulton, and the occasional volunteer will join your army based on your heroism, which goes up as you perform well during missions. Your army is divided into divisions, which include the combat, R&D, medical divisions and the mess hall. Most soldiers have strengths leaning toward a certain division, and putting soldiers in these divisons raises the level of that department, unlocking new weapons and items to develop.

When you are ready, you can access the missions from Mother Base. Story missions are nicely divided up to be very short, so you can advance little by little and won't have to retread if you die. There will be large regions of the environment that several missions will span over, but there are restrictive barriers to prevent you from entering areas of the region that aren't a part of the current mission. That being the case, the missions are very linear so there won't be any getting lost or looking for stupidly small details. Aside from story missions, there will be plenty of optional missions to extend play time. There is even a section for cutscenes, where you can view cutscenes again.

Gameplay is way more comfortable and responsive than in Snake Eater and Portable Ops. Something I really appreciated was the improved accessibility of CQC (close quarters combat). I had no idea how to work CQC in Snake Eater, but now all you need to do is get near the enemy and hold the R button. You can either get the enemy in a choke-hold or throw him into the ground. If there is another enemy near you after you perform CQC, you can push the R button to immediately move onto the next enemy and enter a stylish slow-motion sequence to ruin a group of nearby soldiers. I really like this new feature, it encourages close encounters and adds style to the gameplay.

A strange omission to gameplay is the ability to crawl on the ground. I've always liked crawling like a snake, but now you can only lie flat on the ground and not move. You can equip a selection of items and weapons to your preference, but switching up weapons and items during missions is a bit finicky. Gameplay doesn't freeze when you access the item menu, so switching out a weapon that has run out of ammo may cost you your life in the middle of a heated fire fight. Camera is also quite a bother, considering there is no second analog stick on the PSP. I use a control configuration that makes the main buttons control the camera, and the control pad access the item menu. I feel like there could have been a better way to configure the controls, but I've gotten pretty used to it.

As you may have read in gaming news and reviews, there is a huge focus on co-op play. It is possible to solo the entire game, but the epic boss battles almost seem designed to be played by a number of people instead of just one. Later on, boss batttles get increasingly difficult and you will be running out of ammo very quickly. I don't like this focus on co-op play at all, since you should be able to beat every mission and boss by yourself. Though on the topic of boss battles, these are some of the largest boss battles I've ever seen in the Metal Gear series. There isn't only one Metal Gear-esque machine, but four. Each is unique and equally enormous. The battles are incredibly epic and difficult at the same time.

And finally, graphics and sound. The graphics are some of the best on the PSP thus far, and really push the machine's limits. They may have tried to pack a bit too much detail on a limited amount of polygons so it seems a bit fuzzy at times, but in the end it is still quite impressive. The soundtrack is excellent, as usual. Epic, orchestral pieces for the game's action sequences are amazing, and there isn't much else to say about that.

Peace Walker is packed up the wazoo in content. Along with the countless optional missions, there are some surprise extra missions involving the Monster Hunter series. As you may have read in countless gaming news sources, there are Monster Hunter missions that you can unlock during the game. These missions are battles against the epic dragon beasts from the Monster Hunter games, and they are incredibly epic. These battles are a nice change of pace from regular gameplay, and the cameo is epic to say the least. Aside from this, you can also, *gasp*, construct your own Metal Gear! Yep, after certain boss battles, you can collect parts to make your own Metal Gear, which they call ZEKE in the game. If you complete the Metal Gear, you can send it out on Outer Ops missions, fight it in an extra mission, and unlock the true ending of the game. I won't say anymore since it might spoil some major details, so there you are.

The high hopes I had in the beginning were pretty much fulfilled, though I wish the story mode were a little longer. Still, you won't get a fuller Metal Gear Solid game than this on the PSP. Forget Portable Ops, Peace Walker is the definitive portable MGS and an amazing game in its own right. It ranks up there as one of the must play games on the PSP, and really gave life to the PSP as it has been rather quiet these days. Packed with content, Peace Walker should give you over 40 hours of play value.

[C.Jin's Overall Score:  9/10]


Saturday, June 05, 2010

First Impression: NDS Lite

I've been playing the hell out of my DS lately, as I've stated before. I got basically every notable game on the system, and I've just been swinging back and forth on all of them. Though, the game I've spent the most time on  so far is Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. This game is bloody brilliant! I've always been iffy about touch controls, but using the stylus for all the gameplay has never been so fun, even compared to all the other DS games. This game made me fall in love with the touch controls immediately.

On a separate note, let me just say the Acekard 2 with its AKAIO firmware is probably the best flash cart on the market. It's considerably cheaper than some equally impressive alternatives, and the AKAIO firmware has the best compatibility out of anything so far. It's also incredibly easy to use (just drag onto your microSD and you're set), and the interface can be customized with downloadable skins. It made my experience so much more clean-cut.

The touch controls are brilliant and the games are great, but I obviously have some complaints. The D-pad on the DS Lite is awful; it feels very loose and the diagonals are incredibly weak. It's very hard to move freely with the D-pad, and really holds back your ability to move during gameplay. Also, being a Sony guy and an owner of a PSP, I couldn't help but compare its hardware specs to the PSP. I love the style of graphics in games like Final Fantasy IV and Phantom Hourglass, but I just felt like something was missing. I'm used to the powerful visuals on the PSP, and the higher quality audio. The DS makes up for it with its own ingenuity (which is why its sold so much better), but the PSP still holds a place in my heart and will probably remain the better system in my book.

Here's Final Fantasy IV for the DS

And here's Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the PSP. I love the cute graphical direction of Final Fantasy IV, so I'm not complaining about its graphics in the least. Crisis Core has some very impressive visuals for a handheld game, and clearly demonstrates the PSP's graphical superiority. It's unfair to compare the two, but you can see why it might be a weird transition.