Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wii U; Super Mario 3D World

I'll admit; I haven't had a Nintendo home console in my possession since the Super Nintendo. I mostly grew up a Sony guy, and I still rely on the Playstation brand to bring me my gaming. That's why whenever people my age reminisce about how great the N64 and Gamecube were, I feel completely out of touch. It's not that I didn't like Nintendo; I just didn't grow up with it.

So I figured, "there's gotta be a reason why people love Nintendo so much." I mean, I do have a DS and 3DS, and the games on those handhelds are fantastic. So with the help of a little influence from a friend, I went out on a limb and bought a Wii U. I was aware of the limited game library at the moment, but I couldn't help but get drawn in by the quality of Nintendo's polish in 1080p.

Now, it's only been a week or so, but I'm completely in love. I love the console, I love the games, and I love the gamepad. I finally understand why people are always fawning over Nintendo's first party titles. I used to dismiss Mario games as being simplistic and childish, but I recently finished Super Mario 3D World and it was one of the most fulfilling and challenging experiences I've had with a video game in years.

Seriously, 3D World is absolutely amazing. It looks great, it plays great, it has a super-catchy soundtrack, and it's chock-full of content. It's incredible how they keep the Mario formula fresh despite the dozens of titles that have come out throughout the years. There were times when I was pulling my hair out in frustration and crying out in agony, but that's the sort of investment in a game that I haven't felt since I was a child. I'm not exaggerating when I say, this game brought back my childhood wonder for games.

Got all 380 stars, 80 stamps, and beat the Crown World. 
It was ridiculously difficult, but was it worth it? Hell to the yes. 

I also have the latest Super Smash Bros. (which is great as usual), and I'm looking to get games like Wind Waker HD and Bayonetta 2. There are even a few games I'm excited for in the future, like Yoshi's Wooly World and Fatal Frame 5. The Wii U's had a rocky start, but I sincerely hope that it picks up steam in the years to come. It has the potential for a whole lot of wonderful things, and it would be a massive shame for the gaming community if we let that go unrealized.


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