Sunday, May 04, 2014

Super Nintendo [Game Collection]

So, what have I been doing these past few months? Well, my interest in Gundam has been waning for awhile now, but my interest in video game collecting has been growing exponentially. I'm out of college with a disposable income, so I've been dedicating a whole lot of my money to building a respectable collection of games, from retro to new.

You see, I don't just play games for fun. I look at them and appreciate them as one would appreciate novels as literature. I play each and every one of them for the unique experiences they provide. Consequently, I'm not just collecting games because I can or because I'm bored. I want to have and experience every game there is in order to absorb all of gaming history. That way, I can truly say that I'm passionate about this silly little hobby of mine.

I started my collecting journey with the first console I ever owned: the Super Nintendo (or SNES). This is the console that introduced me to video games. I pretty much consider it the best video game console of all time because of its amazing 16-bit game library that holds up amazingly well to this day. The number of classic games that are still considered great; there's just no end to them.

My original console died on me during my childhood, so I've been separated from a physical SNES for over a decade. Imagine my excitement when I finally got a hold of a new one. It's in pretty great condition, and the price wasn't too bad. I immediately bought some of my favorite games as well, including a few new ones I never got to play as a child.

Final Fantasy III (which is actually VI) is the crown jewel of my current collection. I've stated a long time ago that it's the best Final Fantasy in the series, but I'm still in awe at how they managed to produce such a masterpiece with such primitive hardware. It was pretty great getting to replay the game on a real SNES.

I managed to get a few other 16-bit masterpieces, like Diddy's Kong Quest, Yoshi's Island, and Super Mario World. It'll probably take a lot more time (and money) to get the rest of the Super Nintendo library, but the day will definitely come when I'll be forced to clear more space on my bookcase.

It's a tiny collection (for now). I just love how these things feel in my hand


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