Thursday, June 27, 2013

MG Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW Announced

This is sort of amazing news. The long awaited Master Grade Wing Zero has finally been announced. Now, to be honest, I was waiting for the TV version to get the MG treatment so this announcement disappointed me for a split second. Still, I think this is about as good as it'll get for now.

Keep in mind that this is the Endless Waltz version of the design. The Tallgeese, Epyon, and Heavyarms had similar releases in this fashion. I'm not exactly sure what "Proto Zero" is supposed to imply, so if anyone has any guesses on that, that would be great. But yeah, the design is sure to look great so I definitely can't wait!

As usual, Gundam Guy is my source. Find the original article here.



  1. The MG Heavyarms EW is based off the Heavyarms Custom design but with an orange color scheme and a new weapon - just like all the other EW's like the Sandrock, and Deathscythe. In fact, that was precisely how it looked like in the original Gundam Wing Ver. Ka series in 1998, with EW only adding an arm blade. So it shouldn't be included as an example here.

    1. The "EW" designs are re-imaginings of the original TV designs, done by Hajime Katoki after Endless Waltz to give his new designs a sense of continuity. All of the models labeled "EW" are essentially just Ver.Ka's.

      I'm just lumping together everything in the "EW" lineup, since they seem to be a part of a series. I'm assuming it's called Proto Zero because a Wing Zero EW already exists (the angel wings), so this is like an alternate or earlier version.


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