Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gundam Unicorn 06: Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows

If you haven't heard already: the 6th OVA of Gundam Unicorn is out and available, so go on the interwebz and watch it. I just finished watching it myself, so I thought I'd talk about it. To be honest, I was waiting for the continuation of this series so I could watch the Sinanju and Unicorn kick ass in uber-HD. I was also waiting to hear the epic Unicorn theme, but unfortunately, neither of these things happened. Episode 6, entitled "Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows", was mostly set-up for the next episode, which is scheduled to be the series finale.

So, out of the entire hour, you'll only be getting about 5 minutes of action. This was slightly disappointing, but I'm not complaining. I'm just excited about how amazing the series finale is going to be. We even get a short glimpse of the Full Armour Unicorn at the end of the episode. Anyway, most of the episode involves Full Frontal and Mineva arguing about their views and philosophies in classic Gundam fashion. It was tolerable at first, but it got a little excessive after awhile. We learn a little more about their characters, however, and we see some rather emotional scenes involving Zinnerman. He was definitely the highlight this time around.

I'm honestly not liking the sudden evil turn that Riddhe Marcenas is taking. He was a mildly likeable character at first, but he really does not make a convincing villain. He is now the pilot of the Banshee, and we see him about to engage Banagher near the conclusion. We'll see how his character development concludes; I'm not expecting much. Anyway, don't expect anything titanic when starting this episode. You'll mostly watch the characters bicker about pseudo-intelligent nonsense. It'll leave you wanting though; I can't wait for this series to conclude so I can properly view it as one of the best Gundam animations I've seen in a long, long time.



  1. I'm glad they're extending it by an extra episode because the show desperately needs the extra time to tell its story. I still wish they gave it 10 episodes from the start like the novel.

    Episodes 1-3 were in my opinion amazing and perfectly paced. Episode 4 however completely dropped the ball on its characters and wasted too much time on MSV porn. Episode 5-6 was a step in the right direction as restored my faith in this show.

    I hope the crew can pull together to deliver an excellent finale though I heard the ending for the novel was polarizing.

    1. Wait, do you mean they're making it 8 episodes? At the moment I know that there were 7 episodes planned.

    2. No, it's still 7 episodes. I meant extending it after episode 6, sorry.

  2. Just watched episode 6 recently, and I think I would have to agree on the "Zinnerman's Day in the Limelight" bit.

    There are at least three things that's bugging me: (SPOILERS AHOY!)

    Firstly, Frontal's true identity. The novels say that he is a cyber newtype clone of the Red Comet, while the OVA's producers say that it might not be. So far, it's quite evident in his conversation with Mineva and Zinnerman that he reeeeeeeally might not be.

    Secondly, the final coordinates of Laplace's box: the same colony where everything began. AND to think that is where Banagher's ancestor is as well...

    AND Lastly, that mystery mobile armor/suit featured during that deep talk with Frontal and Zinnerman. A lot needs to be answered since the novels are not even mentioning anything about that behemoth. Still, from the looks of things, it could be a Zeong successor OR a modified version of the novel-exclusive Nightingale...

    I'm going to wait for the last one just because it's more of a book ends of sorts, location-wise...

    BTW, my apologies if I haven't been updating the archives; had too much IRLBS to settle...

  3. I honestly think the bit about Full Frontal's identity was just typical Gundam-style banter, I didn't look too much into it.

    And yeah, good to see you back Zeon. You should make a return post on ur blog!


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