Thursday, June 28, 2012

Misunderstanding About Gundam Top 5

Now that I've gotten your attention, read on. Basically, my Gundam Top 5 section is the most visited section of my blog, and I'm glad I've gotten so much traffic and activity due to it. That's why I've been trying my hardest to edit them and make them perfect in case they contain any errors. Unfortunately, some people seem to have the wrong idea about what these lists are really about.

In particular, I took note of one user, named Arc. If you're reading this, I really don't mean to call you out, but you're a good example. Arc contributed to almost every Top 5 list I made, and I'm thankful. Unfortunately, most of his comments were complaints about things he thought were "missing" from the lists. Take note of this one from my Top 5 Antagonist Mobile Suits list:

Turn X, you never had the love you deserved - even though you can basically kick all protagonist gundams's butt.

Reborns? this is the only gundam that can outclass the overpowered 00 Raiser

Sunanoo? yet another mobile suit that can par with 00 raiser

for AGE universe - we have Zeydra and Kronos

Nightingale? when Hinu can e listed why Nightingale can't?

Unicorn Banshee? I'm pretty sure this thing does not belong to the light side."

He basically listed the most powerful mobile suits he could think of. The reason this is meaningless is because my list was NOT about power. NONE of my lists, except for the "Top 5 Most Powerful Gundam", are about counting down power. Similar complaints occured in Top 5 Big Guns.

Again, that list was not about power. So what ARE my lists about? Well, you've REALLY got to read the intro paragraphs. They explain exactly what I'm trying to count down, and the guidelines for choosing entries for the list. But mostly, they are usually about the impact they leave in their series and the Gundam metaverse in general. It's really not a hard concept. Top 5 BEST, not most POWERFUL. If it was about power, I would say powerful. Half of it is how great they are, and the other half is based on my own opinion.

Basically, considering that these are mostly my opinions, there IS no wrong list. If you've ever asked where something is, you've asked a pointless question. Where? It's not on the list. That's it. People take these things too seriously. Note that I only do this for fun, I'm not out to compile an official list for people. That's what the Gundam Wiki is for. 


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