Saturday, October 08, 2011

Steve Jobs Was a Great Man, Not God

The biggest news as of late is obviously the death of Steve Jobs. Now, I respected this man greatly and acknowledge all of the incredible contributions he's made to society. However, it scares me to see where people seem to place their values. Society worshiped this man for giving them iPhone's and Macbooks, and yet no one seems to even think about the scientists, doctors, mathematicians, engineers, and artists that have been contributing to society and dying for centuries.

I understand that it's perfectly understandable for the current generation to know only about Steve Jobs; the Apple brand almost defines the times. But that's exactly what's wrong here. What was the front page news, the top head line, the most popular google search, the most repeated tweet and Facebook status, and the latest internet meme in the past 3 days. It's like Steve was our God. I remember former presidents dying in the past few years, and that news never lasted more than a few hours.

I'm not breaking new ground here; everyone already knows that we worship celebrities and place our values on meaningless things. I guess it just took this death to realize just how far it has ingrained itself in our culture.



  1. I feel the EXACT same way you do man.
    It's kind of sickening what's going on right now :/. I respect that he was a smart, innovative guy and everything...But he didn't run Apple by himself, among other things.

    It's always when someone dies all of their "fans" come crawling out of the shadows :/.

  2. Thanks for agreeing with me. And you brought a good point too, people act like Jobs IS Apple, as if they forget that there are other people who work at Apple too.

  3. I personally don't have much comments on Steve Jobs or the Apple products in general since I have minimal contact on them; it's not that I have a problem with him or Apple stuff, but I have a feeling that it's some of the fandom there that drives me away from wanting it (rather than the other way round).

    Steve Jobs sure has brought up a very large cult of some kind and I respect him as an influencial and nifty salesman. But as you have said, it does seem as if a lot of people have start to picture him as the lifeline of Apple, and have possibly forgotten about the other faces behind the brand, be it the rest of the staff, or those who work with blood and sweat in factories.

    I also see some try to show a statement saying why so many get so much fuss over one particular man's death, but ignorant of those who die from ongoing famine, war, or other disasters. They instead got backfired saying how Jobs "changed the world", while the others "haven't". I'm sure I want to say more about this, but I'd leave it here for now :\


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