Saturday, September 24, 2011

3D Gaming is...just annoying?

A recent study showed that nearly 30 percent of players thought that the 3D feature on the 3DS actually detracted from the gaming experience. You can read more about the study here:

I've always hated this sudden 3D trend, but I hadn't realized that a good percentage of people actually thought the 3D feature on the 3DS is just distracting and unnecessary. I mean, the whole "3D without glasses" thing was  the selling point of the 3DS. However! I've feared from the beginning that people would just be ignoring the 3D, turning it off completely while playing games.

Developers keep ignoring the fact that people just want to play GAMES. They want to sit back, relax during their free time, hold a controller, and look at a normal television screen. This obsession with new trends has gone far enough. Motion controls are an unnecessary trend that should be dying very soon too, but that's another story. 3D, however, is just silly. Why is it that a stupidly simplistic technology that we've had around for DECADES is suddenly becoming the biggest thing in media? We don't need 3D for movies, and we certainly don't need it for video games. Moving around to play games is stupid enough, I don't need eye-strain to go with it.

Times are tough for the 3DS. It was selling poorly to begin with, but now its entire concept is meaningless. Nintendo needs to get with the times, and fast.



  1. doubt the 3DS is annoying ;S
    must GET!! ><"""""

  2. I had high hopes for its list of games but...the 3D seems a bit superfluous now. It's there but it gets boring very quickly. In the end, gamers want real games with UP TO DATE technology

  3. To me the 3D on 3DS is really just a heavily promoted gimmick. Otherwise it's pretty much like an upgraded NDS that is getting closer to a PSP but with a price tag of a PS3.

    With so much 3D stuff coming in recently I do wonder whether entertainment industry is trying to make it a new age of some sort. There are cinemas that only provide 3D versions movies with slightly higher prices, and 2D only ones are getting rarer for me.

    Now that with a lot of games announced for 3DS from the recent Nintendo Conference, this platform may be making a comeback slowly (though the AAA-battery powered slide pad is a bit of a joke there)? Perhaps it's a bit like how the PS3 went back then when gamers thought Xbox360 have owned it, and now it's certainly not the case.

  4. That's what I was thinking too. Its actually not as powerful as I thought it would be. Its still only catching up to the PSP, which is being replaced with the uber-powerful Vita. Nintendo relies too much on gimmicks and keeps ignoring relevant technology.

    The Wii sure sold a lot, but nobody actually takes it seriously anymore. Its useless to the gaming community.

  5. no, nintendo target a audience from low level to mid
    not hardcore, because casual gamers number are more than hardcore

    and because nintendo games are usually casually played games, more low and mid gamers and go for it instead of sony brand

    myself have 2 of it, but if we talking about portable gaming devices, we talk about devices that we can play anytime, without screwed our activities

    yeah that is mean for portable gaming device for me
    for more addictive game, i'll go to PC games/console

    and last, 3D are nice


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