Monday, July 11, 2011

Devil May Cry 4 for Sale!

I recently bought Devil May Cry 4 and needless to say...I was very disappointed. Sure, the combat system is just as awesome as it has always been, and I had plenty of fun with DMC3. But after playing such amazing games like inFamous, Assassin's Creed 2, and Vanquish, this game feels incredibly underwhelming. It feels like a game stuck in an older generation.

First of all, the visuals are up to par with current gen standards, but the textures and lighting aren't quite as impressive as a majority of games on the top ten list. Environments are bland, and you're stuck in the same old place for a long time. Not to mention, when you're done with half of the game, you're just forced to go through the SAME levels and boss fighta a second time but in reverse.

But its not the visuals that make this game feel dated. The game still plays like a simplistic horror survival game from ten years ago. You solve boring, inane puzzles, and just fight battle after battle to progress. In an age where auto-saving at frequent checkpoints has become the norm, its really frustrating when you're stuck with the arcane system that Devil May Cry has followed for a decade (especially considering the difficulty). Not to mention there are still FIXED CAMERA ANGLES. They live you limited control every now and then, but its fixed everywhere else.

Anyway, this was a wasted purchase and I don't want to finish the game, so I'm putting it up on ebay for sale. It'll be $15.00; its pretty much the same condition as when I opened it because I haven't bothered with it for awhile. Tell me if you want to make a purchase cause I'm willing to sell it for the minimum price, or you can just bid.

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  1. as much as i love infamous and assassin's creed 2, the way you're describing DMC 4's lackluster in the graphics department is because it's the oldest of all the titles you're comparing it with.

    anyway, if you have played all the prequels you are missing a lot actually. 4 has been definitely one of my all time faves because of it's difficulty and awesomeness in combat style. the story is quite cheesy but good nonetheless.

    i guess you've just played this game a little bit too late because of how agile the current gen games you've played before it.

    anyway, give this game a chance and at least play it on the easiest difficulty just to play thru the story :)

    great blog you got here. bookmarked! :D

  2. Yeah, thats definitely true. If I had bought my PS3 a couple years earlier, and played it before most of the other current gen games, I probably would've been able to appreciate it a lot better.

    And thanks for the compliment!


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