Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A first look at Tekken x Street Fighter!

There were tons of previews and details on Capcom's Streetfighter x Tekken, but Namco didn't have much to show besides its announcement. Well, they've released some prototype images of Ryu rendered in the Tekken engine.

Well, it looks awkward just as I expected it to be. His uniform is Paul's uniform too. It doesn't scream awesome like Kazuya did in Street Fighter x Tekken. Luckily, this is just a very early test render and isn't anywhere near final. I have faith in Ono and Street Fighter x Tekken, since if follows Street Fighter 4 closely enough, it should be loads of fun. I'm still iffy about Harada's game, however. I'll need more information than this.



  1. I imagined something like this will eventually exist when Bandai and Namco actually merged...

    I haven't played any Tekken since Tekken 4 and the last time I remember, almost none of the characters have projectiles... so the Tekken folks will be at quite a disadvantage against cheap SF folks ^^;

  2. Lol, well for Capcom's SF x Tekken, the Tekken characters are being reimagined to fit the Street Fighter 4 engine so they'll either gain some projectiles or it doesn't really matter if they don't have any in Street Fighter.

    As for Street Fighter characters in Tekken, I'm worried about how THAT would work. You can't really have projectiles in Tekken, so are they gonna strip Ryu of the iconic Hadouken, or Guile of his signature Sonic Boom? I was thinking they could make them slow charge moves, but still...

  3. @z: that's actually one of my first concerns when I heard the announcement!! Only boss characters in tekken have had projectiles and the particularly long range ones were really cheap! Jinpatchi, I'm looking at you!!!

    I guess for the SF game, they could give some kind of focus attack like move which allows the tekken characters to close the gap like in SF4. A shoulder charge which does focus damage as opposed to hard damage...
    Giving Tekken characters projectiles would move them away from being... well, tekken characters! So I don't see that happening.

    As for the Tekken game, I'm stumped on that one. Maybe make the projectiles very short ranged a la Art of fighting but with strong pushback? Slow charging would make the moves useless so there's no point in having them...
    Tough design choices for the makers...

  4. so street fighter X tekken is different from tekken X street fighter?

  5. Yes, one is Capcom's game and the other is Namco's game. Capcom's game will be made with the Super Street Fighter 4 engine, and Namco's game will be made with the Tekken engine.

  6. i like it i need more game online


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