Monday, June 28, 2010

GSC Black Rock Shooter Anime Ver.

My interest in figures is still minor at best, and I still haven't gotten my hands on my much wanted Hatsune Miku figure (I'll get it eventually I swear), but the good folks at Good Smile Company have amazed me once again. They have released previews of yet another figure of Black Rock Shooter, based on the upcoming anime. Here are some images.

Bloody impressive, as expected from GSC. Its action pose, the big weapon; this version will probably sell out fast as hell so you'll have to preorder now, even though its apparently shipping out in October of this year. Its going for 9800 yen, expensive as usual. I really want it, but as always its my budget that gets in the way. We'll have to see...again...



  1. PVC figures sure are getting expensive these days. I gave in and pre-ordered this BRS figure though at a local shop. I am also getting the figma one and hopefully they are the only figures I am getting this year, but I can't say I will mean exactly what I just said there.

  2. This is the best BRS figure that's going to be out. Now I don't feel bad for not getting the original one.

    Figures are getting more expensive these days, but at least they're becoming more high quality.


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