Monday, July 21, 2008

Alas, my fair queen, I hath brought forth Gunpla Updates

Here are some recently released Gunpla...

SD Zhaoyun Gundam Hieisen

The Zhaoyun Gundam Hieisen...say that back to me 5 times...thought so. "It's an SD gundam model, who cares?!" I do, so shut up. It's pretty cool anyway...and SD

HG 1/144 GN-X

I must say, the model is impressive. It really gets the menacing power of this super powered grunt unit out. I wasn't too interested when the model was announced, but the pictures above do it some justice. And you gotta respect a mobile suit that gave the Gundams a run for their money...

1/100 Tieren Land Version's a 1/100 scale Tieren. Honestly, I think the Tieren is one of the ugliest grunt units ever designed for a Gundam series. Even a GM would look like royalty next to a Tieren, and I mean that. Well, whatever...maybe someone has the courtesy to add this thing to their collection.


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